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Leaked Phone Cases Reveal iPhone 16’s New Camera Design

Leaked Phone Cases Reveal iPhone 16's New Camera Design

The upcoming iPhone 16 lineup is anticipated to undergo a slight design update, particularly with the Pro models expected to feature a new Capture button similar to Sony phones, as indicated by a recent case leak.

Additionally, a fresh case leak for the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus reveals a vertical camera design, departing from the diagonal arrangement seen in recent iPhone generations. The iPhone 16 appears to revert to the squircle-ish vertical shape reminiscent of the iPhone X, with one camera positioned above the other and an LED flash on the side.

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This new camera arrangement is intended to support spatial video recording, a feature crucial for the Vision Pro VR headset, enabling iPhones to capture spatial videos. The camera island is expected to feature two separate rings for each lens, resembling a raised pill-shaped surface.

Moreover, the iPhone 16 lineup might inherit the Action Button from the iPhone 15 Pro, which offers various configurable functions. The Capture Button present in the iPhone 16 Pro is expected to extend to non-Pro models as well.

In terms of materials, the iPhone 16 Pro is speculated to feature a glossy titanium frame, similar to that introduced with the iPhone 15 Pro. This enhancement is said to be achieved through improved material and color processing, although the frame may not be entirely scratch-resistant.