Leaked Videos Show Sony PS5 Slim Already Emerging

Web DeskAugust 12, 2023

Rumors have been circulating about Sony’s development of a revised version of the PlayStation 5, often referred to as the PS5 Slim, featuring a detachable disc drive. Recent images and a video have surfaced that showcase a purported PS5 Slim model with a slimmer profile and slightly reduced height, suggesting the inclusion of a removable disc drive.

The leaked images and video highlight the plastic casing of the potential upcoming PS5 variant. The casing has a raised area to accommodate the disc drive, a central curvature with smaller ventilation openings, dual apertures on either side of the casing, and dual USB-C ports on the front. This is in contrast to the current PS5 models, which feature a singular USB-C and USB-A port.

Previous reports from Insider Gaming had suggested that Sony was preparing for a PS5 variant with a removable disc drive, with a projected release date of September 2023.

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Speculations suggest that this new PS5 model might be offered either individually without the disc drive or as part of a package, potentially making the slimmer version the default PS5 option. This would give users the flexibility to add a disc drive later if desired.

Microsoft also acknowledged these rumors during a recent hearing, suggesting that a PS5 Slim model could be introduced later this year with an anticipated price of $399.99, similar to the cost of the PS5 Digital Edition.

If these rumors hold true, official news about the PS5 Slim might be expected in the coming weeks.

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