LG Unveils First Ever Transparent Wireless OLED TV

Web DeskJanuary 9, 2024
LG Unveils First Ever Transparent Wireless OLED TV

LG has introduced the OLED T, touted as the world’s first wireless transparent OLED TV. This groundbreaking creation features 4K resolution and LG’s proprietary wireless transmission technology, delivering audio and video seamlessly without the need for cables and wires.

The OLED T stands out with its ingenious contrast screen that can elegantly roll down into a discreet box at the base of the TV, easily raised or lowered with a simple press of a button. Powered by the Alpha 11 AI processor, it offers a fourfold increase in performance compared to its predecessor, translating to a 70% boost in graphics performance and a 30% leap in processing speeds.

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The TV seamlessly integrates with LG’s innovative Zero Connect Box, eliminating cable management hassles by wirelessly sending video and audio to the TV. The box allows the connection of streaming devices and gaming consoles, reducing the clutter of wires connected directly to the TV.

Equipped with four down-firing speakers at its base, the OLED T delivers impressive audio quality. It offers flexibility in placement with standalone, against-the-wall, and wall-mounted options. The TV can activate backlights for a fully transparent look, and LG provides a T-Bar feature that displays news, weather updates, song titles, and more along the bottom of the screen while keeping the rest of the display clear.

LG has not disclosed the pricing details but plans to release the OLED T later in 2024. The TV’s unique features, including its transparent display and wireless capabilities, mark a notable advancement in the realm of television technology.Top of Form

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