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Aashir Wajahat Hopes ‘Sadqay’ Gets Noticed by Shah Rukh Khan

Aashir Wajahat Hopes 'Sadqay' Gets Noticed by Shah Rukh Khan

The song “Sadqay” by singing duo brothers Aashir and Nayel Wajahat has soared to the top of Spotify global charts and has become a sensation across the sub-continent, garnering widespread attention on Instagram reels. In an interview with Voice of America Urdu, the talented young brothers shared their hopes and dreams for the song’s future.

Aashir, 21, explained that the inspiration behind “Sadqay” stemmed from their desire to explore the theme of teenage romance, which they felt had not been adequately addressed in music before. Their ultimate dream now is for Shahrukh Khan to pick up their song and share it, as they are huge fans of the Bollywood star.

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Despite being the older brother, Aashir emphasized that they work together as equals, with laughter being a common theme in their collaboration. They both joked about their dynamic and division of tasks, highlighting their seamless teamwork.

Their family is brimming with talent, with Aashir having written songs for movies, played lead roles, and now having a trending song on Spotify. Despite the pressures and criticism inherent in their careers, Aashir stressed the importance of giving their best and staying true to their intentions.

Both brothers have not felt pressured to follow their parents’ footsteps into the film industry, although Aashir is open to appearing in his father’s films if the role suits him. Nayel, on the other hand, has no ambitions of becoming an actor but remains open to opportunities that align with his personal interests.

They humorously reflected on their parents’ preferences for their work, with both acknowledging their mother’s unconditional support and their father’s potential favoritism toward Aashir’s work.

The interview concluded with the brothers harmonizing a snippet of their hit song, leaving listeners eager to see what future successes they will achieve and whether Shahrukh Khan will heed their plea.