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Anushka Sharma Reveals Daughter’s Worry Over Crying players After World Cup Victory

Anushka Sharma Reveals Daughter's Worry Over Crying players After World Cup Victory

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, wife of cricketer Virat Kohli, shared that their three-year-old daughter Vamika was concerned when she saw her father’s team win the ICC T20 World Cup on Saturday.

Rohit Sharma’s team clinched India’s second T20 World Cup title by defeating South Africa by seven runs. India’s first win was in 2007 against Pakistan.

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Anushka, 36, celebrated India’s victory on social media, congratulating the team.

In an Instagram post, she showed the Men in Blue celebrating and mentioned her daughter’s worry about the players crying on TV.

She wrote: “Our daughter’s biggest concern was if all the players had someone to hug them after she saw them cry on TV… Yes, my darling, they were hugged by 1.5 billion people.

“What a phenomenal victory and what a legendary achievement!! CHAMPIONS – CONGRATULATIONS!!”

In another post, she celebrated her husband, who retired from T20 Internationals after the win.

She shared a picture of Kohli, 35, with the trophy, saying: “AND… I love this man @virat.kohli. So grateful to call you my home – now go have a glass of sparkling water for me to celebrate this!”

Kohli, emotional over the victory, shared it with his family via video call with Anushka, Vamika, and their son Akaay.