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Bushra Ansari Advises on Dealing with Unanswered Calls from Loved Ones

Bushra Ansari Advises on Dealing with Unanswered Calls from Loved Ones

Bushra Ansari, hailed as the queen of comedy, recently shared her strict phone etiquette policy on her vlog “Delete With Love,” leaving viewers in awe of her unapologetic approach. According to Bushra, if someone fails to answer her call after the third attempt, she takes decisive action by blocking and deleting their number from her phone without hesitation.

Her rationale is simple: the third missed call signals a lack of interest or urgency on the recipient’s part, indicating that they are not prioritizing communication with her. While she acknowledges the prevalence of distractions, particularly among the younger generation, Bushra holds firm in her belief that such behavior is unacceptable, especially from those belonging to the older generation.

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Despite facing ridicule and mock outrage from some, Bushra remains steadfast in her decision, likening it to someone knocking on her door and receiving no response. For her, maintaining boundaries and respecting one’s time and attention is paramount, even in the digital age where communication is ubiquitous and often taken for granted.

Her stance serves as a reminder to prioritize meaningful connections and not to invest energy in those who do not reciprocate the same level of interest and respect. By embracing her approach, individuals can liberate themselves from the burden of chasing after unresponsive contacts and focus on nurturing relationships that truly matter. Bushra’s message resonates as a powerful lesson in self-respect and boundary-setting, encouraging others to value their time and prioritize their well-being.