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Bushra Ansari’s Humorous Take on Urdu Poetry and Phone Etiquette

Bushra Ansari's Humorous Take on Urdu Poetry and Phone Etiquette

Veteran Pakistani actor Bushra Ansari made waves on social media with a recent picture of herself wearing a shawl adorned with verses from the renowned poet Allama Iqbal. Ahead of her appearance on a Ramazan transmission for a news channel, Ansari cleverly highlighted the significance of the poetic verses, humorously quipping in the caption, “Allama Iqbal’s poetry on my shawl. If you know how to read Urdu, you will understand.”

This witty remark comes in the wake of a troubling incident that occurred last month in Lahore’s Ichra Bazaar, where a young woman wearing a kurta with Arabic words faced accusations of blasphemy. Prompt intervention by law enforcement prevented further escalation, underscoring the need to address both violence and ignorance in society.

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Ansari’s pointed remark serves as a caution against such incidents while showcasing her lighthearted humor and blunt style. Known as the queen of comedy, Ansari recently expressed her no-nonsense approach to phone etiquette on her vlog, Delete With Love.

In her vlog, Ansari humorously declared a three-strikes policy for missed calls: “If someone doesn’t pick up my call after the third time, I block and delete them.” She explained that while she understands the younger generation’s distractions, she holds them to a higher standard.

To Ansari, a third missed call signifies being unwanted, prompting her to remove the individual’s contact from her phone. Despite this strict approach, Ansari emphasized that these individuals are not banished from her life but merely from her phone contacts. Her stance reflects her uncompromising attitude and humorous take on everyday situations.