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Chinese Luxury Influencers Face Restrictions Amid Wealth Crackdown

Chinese Luxury Influencers Face Restrictions Amid Wealth Crackdown

Chinese social media influencers known for flaunting their extravagant lifestyles are facing repercussions as Chinese authorities clamp down on ostentatious displays of wealth online. Wang Hongquan, a prominent content creator with over four million followers on Douyin, found his account inaccessible, citing violations of community guidelines. This crackdown comes as part of China’s “Clear and Bright” campaign launched by the internet watchdog to purge social media of undesirable content, particularly targeting influencers who promote lavish lifestyles to cater to “vulgar needs.” State media reported the disappearance of Wang’s videos and those of other luxury influencers earlier this month.

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Other influencers, such as “Sister Abalone,” known for showcasing her opulent mansion and extravagant jewelry, and “Young Master Bo,” who flaunted his indulgent purchases like Rolls-Royces and Hermes Birkin bags, also faced similar fates. Their content vanished from platforms like Bilibili and Douyin, with error messages citing violations of laws and regulations. This crackdown aligns with the Chinese Communist government’s efforts to rein in social media celebrities, criticizing trends like “money worship” and “vulgar” content.

The tightening grip on influencers is part of a broader initiative by Chinese President Xi Jinping to promote “common prosperity” and address economic inequality. Livestreaming influencers, in particular, have come under scrutiny, facing hefty fines for various infractions. For instance, Viya, hailed as the “queen of livestreaming,” was slapped with a staggering $204 million fine for tax evasion in 2021. These measures underscore the Chinese government’s commitment to regulating online content and promoting social and economic stability.