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Dance Of Feroze Khan’s Mother Adds Joy To Wedding Celebrations

Dance Of Feroze Khan's Mother Adds Joy To Wedding Celebrations

Pakistani actor Feroze Khan recently got married for the second time, and his wedding celebrations have taken the internet by storm. The latest video shows his mother’s delightful dance, which has captured the hearts of many.

Feroze’s mother’s joyful dance brought smiles to his fans and internet users as the family embraced the newlywed couple.

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A video of Feroze Khan’s mother dancing emerged on social media, followed by the release of the actor’s wedding video on June 1. In one of the viral clips, Feroze’s mother can be seen dancing joyfully as she welcomes her son and his new bride home. With her infectious happiness, she charms everyone around her as she climbs the stairs.

The touching video also includes actress Humaima Malik, who attentively assists the bride to avoid tripping on her gown.

Feroze Khan was formerly wedded to Aliza Sultan, with whom he shares a son and a daughter. The couple parted ways in 2022 and were engaged in a legal dispute over child custody before reaching a settlement.