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Bridgerton Season 3 And Beyond: A Plan For Diverse Storytelling

Bridgerton Season 3 And Beyond: A Plan For Diverse Storytelling

Netflix’s popular series Bridgerton has finally provided the queer representation fans have eagerly anticipated in the second part of season three.

In an exclusive interview with Teen Vogue, showrunner Jess Brownell discusses the decisions behind Benedict’s fluid sexuality and Francesca’s unexpected revelation, along with the future trajectories for the beloved characters.

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Benedict’s Journey of Self-Discovery
Brownell confirms that the exploration of Benedict’s sexuality has been a topic of conversation since season one. This season sees Benedict challenging societal norms under Lady Tilley Arnold’s guidance, with his journey set to continue in future seasons.

Brownell clarifies Benedict’s sexual identity as fluid, noting, “In contemporary terms, he might be described as pansexual, someone for whom gender doesn’t really matter.”

Francesca’s Queer Storyline
The decision to depict Francesca’s love interest as Michaela instead of Michael, as in the books, was a deliberate choice by Brownell. She drew inspiration from themes of feeling different and navigating identity in Julia Quinn’s novel, which resonated with her own queer experience.

Changing the character’s gender was also influenced by historical research, aiming to create a happily ever after and showcase queer joy within a period setting.

Navigating Queerness in Bridgerton’s Alternate History
Brownell acknowledges the challenges of authentically portraying queer storylines in a world where racism doesn’t exist in the same manner as in historical Britain. She plans to draw from historical examples to explore how the Bridgerton world might progress towards a more inclusive society regarding sexuality.

Future Seasons and Beyond
While Benedict’s story concludes with an open ending, Brownell assures fans there is much more to come in his exploration of fluidity and commitment issues. Each Bridgerton sibling will continue to have their own season dedicated to their individual romantic journeys.

Brownell and Shonda Rhimes have already outlined plans for seasons beyond season four, promising exciting developments for all the beloved characters.