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Fiza Ali Addresses Rumors about her Second Marriage

Fiza Ali Addresses Rumors about her Second Marriage

Pakistani actor and model Fiza Ali has been at the center of social media attention due to rumors of her alleged second marriage. Recently, she clarified her relationship status in a video statement.

Addressing the rumors, the TV host humorously responded to those spreading false reports.

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“For those worried about my marriage,” Ali wrote in the text accompanying a short video clip uploaded as a reel on her official Instagram page.

After greetings, the presenter expressed dismay over misleading reports suggesting she had tied the knot.

“All of you are extremely worried about my marriage. You’re just eager to marry me off; many of you might have even arranged a dowry for me,” she said, advising those behind such reports to focus on the marriages of their “unmarried sisters” instead. Ali stated that she would announce the name of her ‘husband-to-be’ when she decided to marry.

“These ordinary YouTubers and even major TV channels are using my name for cheap popularity and spreading news about my ‘marriage’,” she said.

The actor questioned if she was expected to marry wherever she traveled for work or vacation.

Ali, who gained fame from the PTV classic drama serial “Mehndi,” criticized the rumor-mongers, asking if they didn’t realize that their false reports could trouble or hurt her.

“You guys are tagging me in pictures of my ‘wedding events’ day and night, is that right? Please, stop such antics,” Ali said, concluding her message.

It is worth noting that Ali married Fawad Farooq in 2007, but the couple later separated. They have a daughter together.