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Experts Advise Limiting Meat Consumption

Experts Advise Limiting Meat Consumption

Nutritionists advise against excessive meat consumption during Eidul Adha festivities.

Health experts caution individuals with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol to monitor their meat intake during the celebrations.

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Speaking to The Express Tribune, nutritionist Afira Anees Saad recommended that a healthy adult limit meat consumption to a maximum of 70 grams per day. She emphasized the importance of moderation in meat intake.

Afira suggested minimizing the storage time of sacrificial meat, advocating for distribution over preservation. She advised opting for mutton over beef, noting that excessive beef consumption can be harmful even for healthy individuals.

She highlighted that consuming fat from sacrificial meat can lead to obesity, elevated cholesterol levels, and increased blood pressure, which are particularly risky for those with heart conditions. She clarified that consuming meat once a day does not adversely affect health.

Nutritionists recommend that elderly individuals and those with heart disease, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol should limit beef consumption and choose fish, local chicken, or mutton instead.

They suggest dividing the recommended 65 to 70 grams of daily meat consumption into three to four servings if desired. “A spike in cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, and digestive issues post-Eidul Azha due to overindulgence in fatty meats and sweets,” advises the nutritionist.