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Jannat Mirza Has Become Pakistan Most Followed Social Media Celebrity

Jannat Mirza Has Become Pakistan Most Followed Social Media Celebrity

Jannat Mirza, Pakistan’s top TikTok star, has surpassed all major actresses in social media popularity by reaching 25 million followers on TikTok. This makes her the first Pakistani to achieve such a following on any platform. TikTok, a short-form video app launched in 2016, has gained over 1 billion active users globally.

Jannat Mirza celebrated her milestone by sharing a screenshot of her TikTok account on her Instagram story, expressing her happiness and gratitude. “Reaching 25 million followers on TikTok is a huge milestone for me. I am extremely happy,” she wrote, adding, “To all my 25 million followers, I love you all very much.”

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Among Pakistani actresses, Hania Aamir leads with over 14 million Instagram followers, followed closely by Ayeza Khan with the same number. Jannat also has over 5 million Instagram followers and 222,000 YouTube subscribers.

Jannat Mirza’s success highlights the growing influence of social media stars in Pakistan, who often surpass traditional celebrities in popularity and reach. Her rise underscores a shift in audience engagement, favoring platforms like TikTok for their immediacy and accessibility.

TikTok’s algorithm and content discovery approach, providing personalized feeds based on user behavior, have contributed to its success and significant impact on a generation’s worldview.

In July 2021, the Pakistani government banned TikTok due to “immoral and indecent” content, following numerous complaints. The ban was lifted in November 2021 after TikTok agreed to moderate content according to local laws.