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Javeria Abbasi Has Disclosed Her Marriage With a Businessman

Javeria Abbasi Has Disclosed Her Marriage With a Businessman

Renowned Pakistani actress Javeria Abbasi has publicly acknowledged her recent marriage, disclosing that she got married three months ago. She has chosen to keep her husband’s identity confidential, stating he is a businessman unaffiliated with the entertainment sector.

Famous for her diverse roles in Pakistani television dramas, Javeria Abbasi had previously intrigued fans with a cryptic Instagram post showing a male hand holding hers, adorned with a ring. However, she did not confirm or deny engagement or marriage rumors circulating at that time.

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During a recent morning show appearance with actor Shahood Alvi, Javeria Abbasi openly discussed her marriage, revealing that her daughter Anzela Abbasi and actor Shahood Alvi were witnesses during the ceremony held three months ago.

Javeria shared that her daughter played a significant role in encouraging her to take this step after forming a connection with her now-husband. Initially hesitant due to family responsibilities—particularly caring for her ailing parents—she had postponed thoughts of remarriage. She also mentioned that her sister Anoushay Abbasi, along with another sister and brother, remains unmarried.

Javeria Abbasi had previously married actor Shamoon Abbasi in 1997 during her youth, but the couple decided to divorce in 2007. Their daughter, Anzela Abbasi, was born two years into their marriage.