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Kanwal Aftab Heartfelt Vlog: Revealing Personal Story About Father

Kanwal Aftab Heartfelt Vlog Revealing Personal Story About Father

Pakistan’s TikTok sensation Kanwal Aftab shared a deeply personal story about her father in a recent vlog, which both surprised and touched her fans.

In a YouTube session with her husband, fellow TikTok star Zulqarnain Sikandar, they answered fan queries, including one about her father’s absence.

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“I usually avoid discussing my father because it’s an emotional topic for me,” she revealed, highlighting the sensitivity of family issues, especially those involving past hardships.

She disclosed that her parents separated when she was in third grade, with her father leaving and never returning. Following the separation, he neglected financial responsibilities, leading to her expulsion from school due to unpaid fees.

Despite the family rift, Kanwal expressed gratitude that her mother and maternal uncles never prevented her from meeting her father. She continues to have occasional meetings with him, although he prefers to maintain a low profile away from social media, hence never appearing in her videos.

Kanwal Aftab tied the knot with Zulqarnain Sikandar in 2021, and they welcomed their daughter last year.