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MrBeast Surpasses India’s T-Series, Becomes Most Subscribed YouTuber

MrBeast Surpasses India’s T-Series, Becomes Most Subscribed YouTuber

MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the most subscribed YouTuber on the platform.

On June 2, the 26-year-old content creator celebrated this achievement across his social media platforms, marking a momentous occasion in his career.

MrBeast’s YouTube channel has amassed an impressive 268 million subscribers, setting a new benchmark in the online entertainment industry. Renowned for his extravagant challenges and philanthropic endeavors, Jimmy Donaldson has garnered a massive following through his unique and engaging content.

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Sharing his excitement on X, formerly known as Twitter, MrBeast exclaimed, “After 6 years we have finally avenged PewDiePie.” This statement referenced the rivalry between PewDiePie, the renowned Swedish YouTuber, and T-Series, an Indian music channel, in which PewDiePie was unable to surpass T-Series in subscriber count.

In a recent conversation with Jon Youshaei, MrBeast discussed his past support for PewDiePie during their subscriber war. Reflecting on the intense competition, he acknowledged the risks of the rivalry escalating into negative sentiments, stating, “I got a little ‘this country versus that country.’ I don’t think Felix took it there, but it even got a little racist in the sub war before. So, I’m very cognizant of it, which is why I’m not leaning into it too hard.”

MrBeast emphasized his genuine passion for content creation, highlighting, “I just want to be the most subscribed-to channel. Yes, I have a lot of people helping me, but at the end of the day, I started this channel. I live and breathe this. I am a creator.”