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Not the Script for ‘Fighter 2’: India Alleges Pakistan’s Involvement in Foiled Attack on Salman Khan

Not the Script for 'Fighter 2': India Alleges Pakistan's Involvement in Foiled Attack on Salman Khan

The case of planned attacks on Bollywood actor Salman Khan has taken a dramatic turn with the arrest of four members of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang by the Navi Mumbai Police. According to ANI, these individuals were allegedly plotting an attack on Salman Khan’s car in Panvel. The police have filed an FIR against 17 people connected to the case, including Lawrence Bishnoi, Anmol Bishnoi, Sampat Nehra, and Goldy Brar.

What makes this story even more intriguing is the reported involvement of Pakistani weaponry. Apparently, the accused had devised a scheme to procure weapons from Pakistan, carry out the attack on Salman Khan, and then flee to Sri Lanka. However, their plans were foiled by the diligent efforts of law enforcement officers.

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As reported by Hindustan Times, the four individuals arrested by the Mumbai Police were identified as Dhananjay alias Ajay Kashyap, Gaurav Bhatia alias Nahvi, Waspi Khan alias Wasim Chikna, and Rizwan Khan alias Javed Khan. These individuals had allegedly conducted surveillance on Salman Khan’s residence and farmhouse to plan their attack. Ajay Kashyap, one of the accused, reportedly contacted a person named Dogar in Pakistan via video call to order weapons like AK-47s.

This development raises questions about the motive behind the alleged plot and the extent to which Salman Khan may have provoked someone or some organization. It’s also worth noting the perceived invincibility of Salman Khan, portrayed by the accused as requiring imported weaponry to even stand a chance of being taken down.

In Pakistan, Salman Khan enjoys a massive fan following, with many willing to go to great lengths for him. However, it’s unlikely that any genuine fan would resort to violence against the actor. Regardless, the bizarre nature of this incident adds another layer of intrigue to an already sensational story.