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‘Piya Piya Calling’: A Worldwide Musical Transformation By Coke Studio Pakistan

'Piya Piya Calling': A Worldwide Musical Transformation By Coke Studio Pakistan

When cultures intersect, something magical unfolds, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Coke Studio Pakistan’s latest release, “Piya Piya Calling”. It’s not merely a song but a profound cultural shift, resonating globally and connecting audiences through themes of love and harmony.

This isn’t just progress; it represents a bold musical experiment, uniting a diverse ensemble: Norwegian rap duo Karpe, renowned for their innovative partnerships, joined by Pakistani singer-songwriter Kaifi Khalil, the soulful voice of Amanda Delara, and the dynamic moves of Norwegian dance group Quick Style.

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Picture Scandinavian rap’s confidence blending with the passion of Pakistani ballads, all illuminated under a disco ball at a worldwide music festival. This unexpected collaboration didn’t happen by accident. According to Karpe member Magdi Omar Ytreeide Abdelmaguid’s Instagram post, performing at Coke Studio Pakistan was a long-held aspiration for his bandmate Chirag. “Coke Studio is a globally influential and widely respected music platform, and a cultural cornerstone in Pakistan,” he notes.

This aspiration came to fruition when Coke Studio extended an invitation, drawing talents from around the globe to Pakistan to craft something extraordinary. The outcome? A track that surpasses linguistic boundaries, as Coke Studio producer Xulfi characterizes it: “a tribute to diverse musical influences… capturing the essence of Coke Studio – a platform that bridges cultures and fosters unity.”

The song’s success goes beyond its infectious lyrics and eclectic musical fusion; it’s about the profound message it conveys. In a world often marked by division, “Piya Piya Calling” serves as a poignant reminder of our shared humanity. Xulfi emphasizes, “Piya Piya Calling is the result of our hearts beating as one. It’s that simple. Trust me. Love is that simple.”

This message of unity strikes a chord with global audiences. The song has resonated worldwide, topping charts in Pakistan and Norway, while also making waves in India, Canada, UAE, UK, Qatar, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, and France. Yet, its impact extends beyond mere numbers.

Music arranged and produced by Aksel “Axxe” Carlson and Thomas Kongshavn, with additional production overseen by Xulfi, and directed by the talented Jamal Rahman, the expertly crafted video features sets designed by Art Director Tanya Mirza, making it a masterpiece.

The video begins in a stark Nordic backdrop, evoking a sense of solitude. However, as the music intensifies, the scene evolves into a lively South Asian darbar, brimming with warmth and community. Here, the artists discover harmony, blending their voices and movements in a rich tapestry of cultural exchange.

This resonant message strikes a chord with all involved. “We are not many. We are one,” shares Xulfi, the music producer of Coke Studio. “Piya Piya Calling” captures the essence of unity, portraying hearts beating as one. “It’s that simple. Love is that simple,” he affirms on Instagram. Amanda Delara echoes this sentiment, describing it as “a historic piece of art that unifies us.”

“Piya Piya Calling” isn’t just music; it’s a movement. It beckons us to dismantle barriers, rejoice in our diverse beauty, and immerse ourselves in the unifying force of music. It stands as a testament to music’s ability to unite people. It serves as a reminder that beyond our differences, we speak a universal language – the language of love, unity, and the infectious rhythm of a captivating melody. After experiencing the enchantment of “Piya Piya Calling,” the world may feel a bit more interconnected, a bit more optimistic.