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Sanam Saeed Not Like Her Name: ‘In Every Indian Song, Even Behind Rickshaws’

Sanam Saeed Not Like Her Name: 'In Every Indian Song, Even Behind Rickshaws'

After maintaining secrecy about their romance for some time, Pakistani actors Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed delighted fans and the showbiz community by announcing their marriage in 2023. Recently, the couple appeared together on Mohib’s chat show, where Sanam discussed her passion for theatre, homemaking, and her relationship with her husband.

Starting on a light note, Mohib asked Sanam about her relationship with her name, which she revealed had caused her annoyance in the past due to its frequent appearance in songs and pop culture references. However, she admitted that she now appreciates the recognition her name brings.

Sanam, trained in theatre, emphasized the importance of script and direction in her project choices. She expressed her passion for theatre and her desire for a live audience, despite her initial struggle with the Urdu language due to her English-medium upbringing.

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The conversation shifted to Sanam’s involvement in Pakistan’s first Netflix original series, where she will reunite with Fawad Khan. Sanam expressed her excitement about the project, attributing her involvement to her previous successful collaboration with the series’ director, Momina Duraid.

Reflecting on her career trajectory, Sanam discussed her transition from theatre to television, citing financial stability as a primary factor. She also downplayed her modeling career, stating her lack of enthusiasm for the profession compared to acting.

In a lighthearted moment, Mohib asked Sanam about her role as a wife, prompting her to discuss her responsibilities in maintaining their home. She humorously mentioned her aversion to cooking but emphasized her understanding and leniency toward household staff.

The couple shared insights into their married life, including their first gifts to each other after marriage. Sanam received a beautiful emerald ring, while Mohib was gifted a cologne by Tom Ford.

Their playful banter and candid revelations provided a glimpse into their personal and professional lives, showcasing their chemistry and mutual respect.