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TikTok Personality Ayesha Akram Forgives All Involved In The Iqbal Park Incident

TikTok Personality Ayesha Akram Forgives All Involved In The Iqbal Park Incident

TikTok influencer Ayesha Akram has decided to pardon all individuals accused of harassing her at Greater Iqbal Park.

During a hearing at Lahore Additional Sessions Judge Gul Abbas’s court, Akram submitted an affidavit stating her decision not to pursue the case, citing forgiveness for the accused in the name of Allah Almighty.

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“I have no objection to the acquittal of the accused. I am providing this statement voluntarily and without any coercion,” her statement in the court affidavit read.

Among the accused, including Aamir Sohail alias Rambo, twelve individuals had filed petitions seeking acquittal following an order issued in August.

The Lahore’s Lorry Adda police station had registered the case regarding the alleged harassment incident involving the female TikToker and a crowd back in August 2021.


Previously, Ayesha Akram identified 13 suspects, including her associate Amir Sohail alias Rambo, who had accompanied her to Greater Iqbal Park on the day of the incident.

Akram informed the police that Sohail had orchestrated the incident, alleging that he and some of his associates had recorded objectionable videos of her. She claimed that Sohail had used these videos for blackmail, extorting Rs1 million from her to date. “I have been giving him half of my salary,” she stated, adding that Sohail, along with his partner Badshah, operated a “TikTok gang.”

The FIR against the accused was registered under sections 354 A (assault or use of criminal force against a woman and stripping her of her clothes), 382 (theft after preparation made for causing death, hurt, or restraint to commit the theft), 147 (rioting), and 149 (unlawful assembly) of the Pakistan Penal Code.