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Video: Influential Lawyer Daughters Assault Shop Salesman In Lahore

Video: Influential Lawyer Daughters Assault Shop Salesman In Lahore

A tuck shop salesman next to a fuel station was physically assaulted by family members of a Influential lawyer. Influential Pakistanis frequently exhibit abusive behavior towards those they consider weaker.

CCTV footage revealed the troubling incident, showing the salesman at a petrol pump’s tuck shop in Lahore’s Garden Town being attacked by three girls, reportedly daughters of an influential individual.

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The incident, which went viral online, depicted the girls verbally and physically assaulting the salesman. An elderly bystander tried to step in, but the girls, allegedly the daughters of a influential lawyer, also verbally abused him.

The shop owner also reported that the girls left without paying for their items. Shockingly, Garden Town police detained the salesman following a complaint from an influential person, accusing him of retaliating.

The viral video caused widespread outrage, highlighting concerns about the abuse of power and the behavior of those involved.

Social media users are calling for a thorough investigation into the incident.