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Will Smith Shares His Love for the Quran

Will Smith Shares His Love for the Quran

In a recent episode of the Big Time Podcast hosted by journalist Amr Adeeb on the Saudi Shahid platform, renowned Hollywood actor Will Smith opened up about his profound spiritual journey and his admiration for the Quran.

The Oscar-winning actor disclosed that the past two years had been particularly trying for him, prompting a deep exploration of his spirituality. Seeking solace and enlightenment, Smith delved into various religious texts, including the Quran.

Expressing his affinity for spirituality, the 55-year-old artist shared, “I love spirituality,” and revealed, “I read the Quran cover to cover during the month of Ramzan this year,” noting the significance of the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims worldwide.

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Smith found himself deeply moved by the Quran’s simplicity and clarity, describing it as a guiding light. “The simplicity of the Quran is remarkable,” he remarked, praising its ability to convey profound truths without ambiguity.

The actor expressed admiration for the Quran’s depiction of Prophet Moses, finding the narratives profoundly affecting. He acknowledged the continuity of the Abrahamic lineage, tracing back to Prophet Ibrahim and extending to his descendants, including Prophets Ismail and Ishaq.

Discussing his role as a father, Smith shared insights into his approach to parenting, emphasizing individual responsibility—a principle he found echoed in the Quran. “Every soul is responsible for itself,” he affirmed, highlighting the Quran’s guidance in nurturing his children and encouraging their independence.

Reflecting on his experiences in Saudi Arabia, Will Smith expressed fondness for the country, recalling visits to iconic landmarks such as the NEOM project, the vibrant city of Jeddah, and the bustling capital of Riyadh. He expressed a sense of belonging and appreciation for the warmth and hospitality of the Saudi people.

Smith’s candid reflections offer a glimpse into his spiritual growth and his profound respect for the teachings of the Quran, emphasizing the universal nature of faith and the significance of introspection in navigating life’s trials.