List of Politicians with Unpaid Electricity Bills Revealed

Web DeskSeptember 22, 2023
List of Politicians with Unpaid Electricity Bills Revealed

The Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO) has stirred controversy by revealing a list of prominent individuals who have neglected their electricity payment responsibilities. This list includes former Members of the National Assembly (MNAs), Senators, and individuals linked to the transportation industry, shedding light on the substantial unpaid dues of these influential figures.

Among the high-profile defaulters, former Federal Minister Mir Hamayoun Aziz Kurd stands out with an astonishing unpaid amount of Rs4.95 million. Trailing closely, former Provincial Minister Asim Kurd has an outstanding balance of Rs2.06 million, while former Interior Minister Mir Zia Ullah Langau’s dues tally up to Rs1.57 million.

The list also includes other notable entries, such as former Provincial Minister Zafar Zehri with unpaid bills totaling Rs1.16 million, former MNA Abdul Qahar Uddin owing Rs916,253, and former Provincial Minister Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran with Rs468,770 in unsettled bills.

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Prominent transporter Feroz Lehri owes QESCO a sum of Rs493,310, while Senator Naseeb Ullah Bazai has an outstanding amount of Rs447,810. Additionally, former MPA Haji Ahmed Nawaz’s dues amount to Rs179,009, and tribal leader Wadera Sheeren Marri has an unsettled bill of Rs86,953.

In response to the rampant issue of electricity theft across Balochistan, including Quetta, KESCO has implemented rigorous measures. A total of 322 cases have been filed against electricity thieves, leading to the apprehension of 122 individuals.

Quetta accounts for the highest number of cases at 64, followed by Loralai with 75, Khuzdar with 65, Sibi with 88, and Pishin with 25 cases. Additionally, 5 cases have been reported in Makran.

This crackdown on electricity theft has resulted in the collection of approximately Rs75 million in fines from the culprits, with Rs42.6 million successfully recovered.

In response to non-payment issues in Balochistan, authorities have seized 15 transformers, and an additional 6 illegal transformers have been confiscated. Furthermore, 435 defaulters in Quetta, Loralai, Khuzdar, Pishin, Sibi, and Makran have had their connections disconnected due to their persistent outstanding bills.

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