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Live Sports Scores Threads Launching Soon

Live Sports Scores Threads Launching Soon

Threads, a Twitter competitor, is set to introduce live sports score display on its platform, starting with the NBA league. Meta Platform CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed this development, promising to expand coverage to more sports leagues in the future.

Users will be able to search for their favorite teams on Threads during a game to access updated scores. Similar to a feature introduced by another platform in 2017, Threads will continue displaying the last updated score even after the game ends, along with details such as game time and schedules.

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Scores will be presented with logos representing the two teams involved, and users can click on either logo to join online conversations about the respective teams.

Following the decision to remove political recommendations from the platform, Threads is venturing into sports, considering it a popular trending topic on social media. The NBA has generated significant discourse on the platform, with discussions and coverage of the pro basketball league. Meta appears to be aiming to capture some of this engagement on its own platform to boost user interaction. Additionally, Apple has recently announced its own sports-related initiative.