Local Cigarette Manufacturers Adopt Track and Trace System

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Local Cigarette Manufacturers Adopt Track and Trace System

Approximately 20 local cigarette manufacturing companies have entered into agreements with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to introduce the Track and Trace System within their manufacturing facilities.

These agreements come after persistent efforts by the FBR, who have actively pursued local companies to adopt the track and trace system without the hindrance of stay orders. Following a legal struggle spanning 1-2 years, the FBR has emerged victorious, successfully implementing the system across the premises of these local manufacturers.

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The implementation of the Track and Trace System is currently in progress at various stages within the local cigarette manufacturing units. Nearly all of these units have signed agreements with the FBR and have commenced the process of implementing the system. One company has already completed the implementation. Among them, six companies are manually stamping cigarette packs, while others have procured applicators and are undergoing test runs on a single production line in each unit.

However, it’s worth noting that all units within the jurisdiction of Azad Kashmir have obtained a stay order against the implementation of the Track and Trace System, as per sources.

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