Lucky Pakistani Man Wins ‘Dream Home’ in UAE

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Lucky Pakistani Man Wins 'Dream Home' in UAE

Numan Khan Muhammad Bashir exercises extreme caution when dealing with calls from unknown numbers, a habit that proved invaluable when he received a call declaring him the recipient of a ‘Dream Home’.

The Pakistani national approached the situation skeptically, especially during the initial call from an Al Ansari executive announcing his grand prize victory in the Winter Promotion 2023.

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Subsequently, a second call came through a landline, displaying the company’s name on Numan’s phone screen. Still uncertain about the authenticity of the situation, Numan conducted a thorough interrogation of the caller.

A marketing executive patiently reassured him, providing essential details and even presenting evidence on social media. The long-time UAE resident found himself overwhelmed by the unexpected turn of events, leaving him momentarily speechless.

On Wednesday, January 10, Al Ansari officially declared Numan as the grand prize winner of a Dream Home. Notably, the money exchange reserves the right to award the Dream Home’s cash value to the winner instead of the physical prize. Numan is set to receive Dh350,000 on January 11.

As a daily commuter from Ajman to Dubai for work, Numan has been a loyal Al Ansari customer for the past decade, utilizing their services to send money to his siblings back home. With the convenience offered by the mobile app launched by the exchange, Numan now remits funds through the app two to three times weekly.

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