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Macklemore’s ‘Hind’s Hall’: A Bold Song for Palestine

Macklemore's 'Hind's Hall': A Bold Song for Palestine

Macklemore’s latest song, “Hind’s Hall,” demonstrates his strong support for Gaza and college student protests across America. The track’s proceeds will go to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to aid Palestinian refugees.

The title is inspired by Columbia University student protestors who renamed Hamilton Hall to Hind’s Hall, honoring six-year-old Hind Rajab, tragically killed in Gaza. The song’s visuals juxtapose police violence against college protestors with deadly explosions in Gaza.

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Macklemore’s lyrics are bold, referencing the iconic 1988 anti-police anthem by NWA. He criticizes President Biden’s support for Israel, refusing to vote for him in the upcoming election. He also challenges the conflation of anti-Zionism with antisemitism, highlighting Jewish solidarity with Palestine.

The rapper calls for a shift in the music industry’s focus towards calls for a ceasefire, criticizing trivial feuds. The song’s release coincides with pro-Palestinian protests across the US, including student occupations at Columbia University, where protesters demand justice for Palestine.

The toll of Israeli attacks on Gaza is devastating, with thousands killed and wounded. Macklemore’s song adds to the growing chorus of voices demanding justice and solidarity with Palestine.