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Mahira Khan Targeted by Unknown Object at Pakistan Literature Festival

Mahira Khan Targeted by Unknown Object at Pakistan Literature Festival

Renowned Pakistani actress Mahira Khan was recently a special guest at the Pakistan Literature Festival in Quetta, where she engaged in a stimulating conversation about her career, stardom, and professionalism.

The event took an unexpected turn when an unknown object was thrown at her from the audience. The object grazed Mahira, prompting her to momentarily halt her discussion. Displaying remarkable composure, she addressed the incident by expressing disappointment over the lack of respect for dialogue. Undeterred, she resumed her conversation and voiced her support for a film highlighting the rich culture of Balochistan and Quetta.

During the festival, a special segment titled “Know about Mahira” featured her sharing personal preferences, such as her love for traditional breakfast dishes like paratha, puri, and omelette, as well as her fondness for old-school songs like “Jane Woh Kaise Log Hain Jo Pyaar Se Pyaar Mila.” She also mentioned her appreciation for the scent of jasmine.

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The “Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay” actress took the opportunity to request prayers for her ailing mother, showcasing her humility and kindness. The incident sparked mixed reactions on social media, with fans praising Mahira’s calm and graceful handling of the situation.

Following the disruption, social media buzzed with contrasting opinions. Some fans lauded Khan’s composed response, while others expressed concerns over her safety, suggesting she avoid similar public events due to her international stature. Supporters praised her graceful handling of the incident, but some urged caution, emphasizing that as a globally recognized figure, Mahira Khan should prioritize her safety and consider the potential risks of public appearances.