Malkoo Dispels Arrest Rumors: Clarifying the Speculation

Web DeskDecember 15, 2023
Malkoo Dispels Arrest Rumors: Clarifying the Speculation

Folk Punjabi singer Malkoo has taken to social media to dispel rumors about his arrest that had been circulating. In a video recorded from his farmhouse, he reassured fans about his well-being and attributed the false reports to jealousy in the wake of his success as one of Pakistan’s top trending artists.

The controversy arose from Malkoo’s recent participation in a folk festival organized by the Parks and Horticulture Authority in Sargodha. During the event, while performing, he sang a song titled ‘Qaeedi # 804’ (prisoner number 804), leading to false rumors of his arrest.

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Malkoo vehemently denied the reports in an interview with a private digital news outlet, emphasizing that there was no truth to the claims. He explained that, due to the large crowd at the folk festival, security personnel were deployed to manage the chaos and ensure his safe exit from the stage.

Addressing the situation, Malkoo clarified that when the police were escorting them out of the procession, someone made a video and mischievously started spreading propaganda on social media. He emphasized that the police were only involved for security purposes to prevent any untoward incidents amid the large crowd.

Despite the unwarranted rumors, Malkoo remains focused on his music career and expressed gratitude to his fans for their continued support. This incident highlights the challenges posed by misinformation on social media platforms and underscores the importance of discerning accurate information.

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