Mamya Shahjaffar Sparkles as Ruttie Jinnah, Quaid-e-Azam’s Wife

Web DeskDecember 21, 2023
Mamya Shahjaffar Sparkles as Ruttie Jinnah, Quaid-e-Azam's Wife

The highly anticipated web series, “Fatima Jinnah,” has unveiled an enticing first look at Mamya Shahjaffar portraying Ruttanbai Petit, later known as Ruttie Jinnah, adding a layer of mystique to the character.

In a brief yet captivating teaser, Mamya Shahjaffar sports a chic retro hairstyle with curls, reminiscent of the era, and exudes elegance in a blood-red backless dress. The teaser provides a sneak peek into Mamya’s portrayal of Ruttie Jinnah, as she delicately holds a rose, offering viewers a glimpse into the essence of her character.

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The teaser is accompanied by a poignant caption introducing Mamya’s character as the “rose of Bombay.” The caption, featuring a quote by Indian journalist Sheela Reddy, alludes to the profound emotional connection between Jinnah and Ruttie, describing her as the only woman he ever truly loved. Delving into Ruttie’s role and her clandestine Nikkah to Mr. Jinnah, the caption highlights their romantic relationship, considered one of the most infamous love stories in South Asian history.

While Ruttie Jinnah played a significant role in the independence of both Pakistan and India, the teaser hints at a strained and mysterious relationship with Mohtrama Fatima Jinnah, uncovering an unexplored aspect of their connection.

Directed by Danial K Afzal, the upcoming series promises to unravel the intricacies of Fatima Jinnah’s life across different eras. Mamya Shahjaffar’s portrayal of Ruttie Jinnah will be complemented by Aamir Qureshi, depicting Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid-e-Azam) in the first season.

Structured to depict Fatima Jinnah in her 30s and the pre-partition era (portrayed by Sundus Farhan), her 50s and the Independence era (portrayed by Sajal Aly), and her 70s during the post-partition era (portrayed by Samiya Mumtaz), the series promises a comprehensive exploration of this iconic figure’s life. Additionally, the show is set to feature appearances by historical personalities such as Allama Iqbal, Liaquat Ali Khan, and Rana Liaquat Hussain, among others.


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