Man and Wife Shot Dead in the name of honour

Web DeskSeptember 16, 2023
Man and Wife Shot Dead in the name of honour

A man and his wife were shot and killed in a slum area near the Korangi Industrial Area, reportedly in the name of honor. The incident occurred when an unidentified gunman, acting alone, knocked on the door of a 40-year-old factory worker named Masal Khan, who lived in the slum area near Shaitan Chowk. Khan opened the door, and the assailant forcibly entered the house, firing indiscriminately. Both Masal Khan and his wife, Kiran, were fatally shot in the attack.

Residents in the vicinity heard the gunshots and promptly informed the police. Law enforcement officials arrived at the scene, where they found the lifeless bodies of the victims. After completing the necessary medico-legal procedures, the bodies were then taken to a mortuary.

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The authorities suspect that this tragic incident is related to the concept of honor, a motive often cited in similar cases. CCTV footage from the crime scene revealed that a single-armed individual entered the house and carried out the shooting. The suspect has been identified as Ali Hassan, a resident of Peshawar, while the victims themselves were originally from the same city.

Investigations have shown that the deceased couple had left their respective first spouses to marry each other eight years ago. In an attempt to escape their families’ pursuit, they relocated to Karachi. It has been revealed that the suspect, Ali Hassan, is a cousin of the deceased couple.

SHO Obaidullah, in charge of the Korangi Industrial Area police station, stated that they are currently conducting raids at various bus stands and railway stations in an effort to apprehend the suspect should he attempt to flee.

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