Man was not made for Earth

Afshan ShakeelSeptember 1, 20235284 min
Man was not made for Earth

When Allah Almighty created Adam, the first human being, and his wife Eve, they were placed in Heaven, the original habitat made for humanity. In this paradise, they were allowed to enjoy the bounties of the land, with one exception – they were forbidden from consuming a specific plant. Tragically, Adam was deceived by the Devil and ate from the forbidden plant, leading to their expulsion from Heaven. They, along with their descendants, were sent to Earth for a predetermined time period.

Allah Almighty provided them with clear instructions: if they followed the righteous path, they would eventually return to Heaven; otherwise, Hellfire would be their final destination. The majority of human beings believe that Earth is their ultimate destination, and they strive to transform it into a paradise. However, in their pursuit of luxury and comfort, humans have made many mistakes that have led to the destruction of our planet’s ecosystem.

The natural balance of Earth has been severely affected by human activities. Man-made efforts to modify the environment have resulted in the depletion of its natural beauty. Trees are ruthlessly cut down to construct luxury homes and furniture. Forests are cleared to make way for residential areas, workplaces, farms, and transportation networks. Rapid industrialization has led to high levels of pollution, including air, land, and water pollution. Industrial emissions, such as CFC gases, have not only depleted the ozone layer but also caused the greenhouse effect, resulting in dangerous global warming and unpredictable weather patterns.

Furthermore, humans have developed destructive nuclear weapons, posing a threat to the very existence of our planet. To safeguard Earth for its original inhabitants, animals and plants, humans must change their behavior and cease destructive activities. Our focus should shift towards our ultimate destination, “Heaven,” as promised by Allah Almighty, the creator of the universe. It is a shared belief among followers of divine religions, including Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, that life on Earth is temporary, and an eternal life awaits in the hereafter. The nature of that eternal life depends on how we conduct ourselves on Earth.

To protect our planet for its true inhabitants, we must limit our desires and preserve Earth and its resources. It is imperative that we understand the importance of responsible stewardship and environmental conservation.

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