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Massive Fire at Lahore Airport Destroys Entire Immigration System

Massive Fire at Lahore Airport Destroys Entire Immigration System

A fire broke out at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport on Thursday morning, originating at the immigration counters and resulting in a halt to flight operations. Though the fire was eventually brought under control, it caused significant damage to the system, leading to the evacuation of the entire airport premises due to lingering smoke.

The incident, believed to have been caused by a short circuit, occurred around 5:45 am, triggering chaos among passengers and necessitating the immediate response of Airport Security Force (ASF) personnel and Civil Aviation Authority firefighters. Despite their efforts, the fire spread rapidly, ultimately destroying the immigration system and forcing a suspension of all flight activities.

The timing of the incident compounded its impact, as the first Hajj flight scheduled to depart from the airport faced delays. Passengers, including intending pilgrims, were evacuated as a precautionary measure, with some individuals requiring medical attention due to smoke inhalation.

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International flights destined for Lahore were redirected to alternative airports across the country, with one flight en route from Sri Lanka forced to turn back mid-flight. Within the airport, passengers awaiting the pilgrims’ flight were accommodated in the airport lounge, where they awaited further updates amidst the unfolding situation.

Beyond the immediate disruptions, the incident has raised concerns about the airport’s operational resilience and underscored the importance of robust contingency plans to address such emergencies. As investigations into the cause of the fire commence, authorities are prioritizing passenger safety and working to restore normalcy to Lahore’s vital aviation hub.