Massive Gas Truck Explosion in Nairobi Claims Lives and Causes Extensive Damage

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Massive Gas Truck Explosion in Nairobi Claims Lives and Causes Extensive Damage

A tragic incident unfolded in Nairobi’s Embakasi neighborhood as a gas truck exploded, triggering a massive fireball that engulfed homes, warehouses, and vehicles. The devastating explosion, which occurred on Thursday night, resulted in at least three fatalities and left more than 270 individuals injured.

Government spokesperson Isaac Maigua Mwaura reported that the fire rapidly spread to residential areas, catching many residents off guard as they were inside their homes. The explosion, originating from a gas-loaded truck of unknown registration, caused extensive damage to vehicles, businesses, and homes, with a significant number of residents still inside due to the late-night timing of the incident.

Emergency response teams promptly transported 222 injured individuals to various hospitals in the capital for medical attention. By Friday morning, the fire was successfully contained, but rescue operations continued as firefighters, rescue teams, and police worked to locate and assist people possibly trapped in the affected area.

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At the scene in the daylight, the aftermath was evident, with burned-out houses and shops, a toppled vehicle believed to have initiated the explosion, and the remnants of a warehouse. Witness accounts, such as that of Alfred Juma, an aspiring politician, described the chaos and urgency to evacuate neighbors as the fire rapidly spread. Juma recounted warnings to a driver, who ignored them, resulting in the vehicle stalling amidst the fumes and ultimately causing the explosion.

The Kenyan Red Cross, in its initial response, transported 271 people to health facilities in Nairobi, with 27 receiving on-site treatment. Isaac Maigua Mwaura assured the public that the affected area had been secured, with a command center in place to coordinate ongoing rescue operations and intervention efforts.

Residents affected by the explosion, like Mary Karanja, faced challenges accessing their homes due to police restrictions. Karanja described the lingering smell and smoke, forcing her to seek shelter elsewhere, highlighting the ongoing impact on the affected community.

Eyewitness James Ngoge, residing across the street from the incident, likened the explosion’s impact to an earthquake, emphasizing the extensive destruction it caused. Ngoge also shared the devastating loss of his business located on the same street as the fire, stating that it was now “completely destroyed.”

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