Maya Khan Discusses Pros and Cons of Early Marriages

Web DeskSeptember 28, 2023
Maya Khan Discusses Pros and Cons of Early Marriages

Pakistani actress Maya Khan recently discussed her role in the drama “Mayi Ri” and shed light on the show’s portrayal of child marriage. In a candid interview, Maya revealed that initially, she was hesitant to accept the role of a mother in the drama but was drawn to the character’s journey and the opportunity to take on a challenging role.

Maya explained that the character’s journey and the director’s vision were crucial factors in her decision to take on the role. She noted, “It was quite difficult for me to accept; I didn’t want to become the nation’s mother, that was a challenge… But first, I was told about the character, then I was told about the character’s journey, and that journey hit me.”

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The drama “Mayi Ri” addresses the sensitive issue of child marriage, and Maya acknowledged that there was pressure in dealing with such a socially significant topic. She emphasized the importance of portraying these issues in a balanced and responsible manner to avoid any negative consequences. Maya explained that the drama aimed to showcase both the pros and cons of early marriages and that it was ultimately up to the viewers to interpret the narrative.

Maya clarified that the purpose of “Mayi Ri” was not to explicitly promote or discourage child marriage but to present different facets of the issue. She emphasized the importance of freedom and consent in relationships, stating, “If two people think alike, you’re talking about young couples, they have the complete right to start their lives. If they believe they can fully take on the responsibility, they’re starting their lives due to their consent.”

Maya also highlighted that mothers in the show were not portrayed as weak but as individuals facing their own challenges and helplessness. She explained that the character of Ayesha, which she portrayed, had many dimensions, including being a wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, mother, and second wife, making her character complex and relatable.

Maya concluded the interview by acknowledging the global appreciation for Pakistani dramas and their ability to address various societal issues. She emphasized that Pakistani dramas were being watched and appreciated worldwide, and their impact extended beyond borders.

In summary, Maya Khan’s interview provided insights into her transformative journey as an actress in “Mayi Ri” and the show’s responsible portrayal of the complex issue of child marriage, while also highlighting the strength and depth of the characters in the drama.

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