McAfee Introduces Project Mockingbird to Counter AI Voice Clone Scams

Web DeskJanuary 9, 2024
McAfee Introduces Project Mockingbird to Counter AI Voice Clone Scams

McAfee has introduced Project Mockingbird, an initiative aimed at countering AI voice clone scamming by utilizing a detection tool to identify AI-generated deepfakes.

The newly developed AI-powered Deepfake Audio Detection technology is designed to protect consumers from potential scams and manipulative practices involving AI-generated audio. The tool focuses on detecting and preventing the use of generative AI in creating deepfakes that could deceive individuals by portraying well-known speakers saying words they never uttered.

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McAfee emphasizes its commitment to safeguarding consumers from digital threats and sees the increasing use of generative AI by cybercriminals in various scams as a critical concern. The company acknowledges the potential dangers of deepfakes during election cycles, anticipating their use in disinformation campaigns and legitimate political content generation.

McAfee is actively investing in technology for detecting various forms of deception, including image, video, and text detection, with a particular focus on combating deepfake audio.

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