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Mehwish Hayat Seeks Mental and Emotional Support in a Partner

Mehwish Hayat Seeks Mental and Emotional Support in a Partner

Mehwish Hayat, known for her versatile talents in acting and singing, has been making waves on social media since landing a leading role in the Eid film “Daghabaaz Dil” and collaborating with renowned Bollywood rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh. Despite her flourishing career, the “Ms. Marvel” actor has remained single, a topic she candidly discussed in an interview with Suhail Warraich.

Opening up about her single status, Mehwish revealed that some people are intimidated by her personality, which inadvertently creates a barrier around her. While she doesn’t intentionally scare anyone off, she acknowledges that people tend to think twice before engaging with her.

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Regarding her criteria for a potential romantic partner, Mehwish emphasized that physical appearance takes a backseat to personality traits such as kindness, cultural awareness, and a good sense of humor. She stressed the importance of inner beauty over external attributes, including skin color.

Despite her practical nature, Mehwish expressed a desire for romance in a partner to complement her realistic outlook. She humorously mentioned Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio as her biggest crush, playfully inviting him to make an offer.

However, Mehwish clarified that marriage is a significant commitment that she wouldn’t enter into lightly. She views it as a responsibility that extends beyond just the couple, involving their families as well.

As a career-driven individual, Mehwish acknowledged that marriage would require her to consider multiple factors, including her ambitions and the impact on her career. She emphasized the need for a partner who supports her goals and understands the value of her work.

Asserting her independence, Mehwish stated that she currently doesn’t feel a practical need for a partner and believes that marrying someone would inevitably require sacrifices, either in her career or personal life.

For now, Mehwish is focused on her thriving career, with no immediate plans to settle down. She remains committed to her craft, pouring her heart and soul into her profession, which continues to flourish.