Meta Introduces WhatsApp’s Channels into Facebook and Messenger

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Meta Introduces WhatsApp's Channels into Facebook and Messenger

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is expanding its broadcast channels, a feature inspired by Telegram, to Facebook and Messenger in the coming weeks.

This feature, initially introduced in Instagram and WhatsApp, allows people running Facebook Pages to establish broadcast channels for deeper engagement with their followers.

Broadcast channels serve as a “one-to-many” messaging tool, commonly used by public figures, celebrities, and online creators to monetize their connection with fans. Fans, in return, can engage more deeply with the content that resonates with them. The type of content shared can vary, including polls, behind-the-scenes content, voice notes, and more.

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Facebook Page admins can create a broadcast channel directly from their Page, provided they are in a region where this feature is accessible. Notifications and invitations to join the channel are sent to all followers when the first message is initiated. Admins have the ability to send messages, while other users can react and participate in polls.

Members of a broadcast channel receive notifications for new posts, potentially resulting in frequent notifications, but there is a mute function to address this. It’s important to note that broadcast channels are considered “public and discoverable chat experiences,” even though they are accessible through Facebook Messenger, where interactions are typically limited to friends.

This expansion of broadcast channels is part of Meta’s efforts to provide more ways for creators and businesses to connect with their audiences and further monetize their online presence.

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