Meta Launches Campaign to Safeguard Election Integrity and Community Safety in Pakistan

Web DeskSeptember 28, 2023

In anticipation of upcoming elections in Pakistan, Meta has initiated the “Approach to Protect Election Integrity and Support Community Safety in Pakistan” campaign. This campaign aims to address the heightened online activities during elections, which often result in various sections of society, including the media, being subjected to harassment, undue criticism, and online threats.

Alice Budisatrijo, Head of Misinformation Policy at Meta, Asia Pacific, explained that the campaign draws from global experiences and insights from experts. She stated, “We want to help preserve the integrity of elections around the world, including here in Pakistan.” Ms. Budisatrijo emphasized Meta’s commitment to ensuring the credibility of elections by employing a comprehensive approach to how elections unfold on their platforms. This involves substantial investments in efforts and resources to provide users with trustworthy information about voting while countering misinformation, hate speech, and voter interference.

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Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, has outlined a series of measures to enhance community safety and safeguard the integrity of Pakistan’s upcoming general election:

Formation of an Election Operations Team: Meta will establish a dedicated team to oversee election-related matters, ensuring a proactive response to emerging challenges and threats.

Stronger Policies: The company has developed more robust policies to combat harmful content and networks that spread misinformation, thereby creating a safer online environment for users.

Enhanced Transparency for Political Ads: Meta aims to increase transparency surrounding political advertising, allowing users to access more information about the source and intent behind political ads.

Digital Literacy and Civic Education: Meta is committed to driving digital literacy and civic education programs to empower users with the knowledge and skills to critically evaluate information and participate effectively in the democratic process.

These initiatives reflect Meta’s dedication to promoting safe and trustworthy online spaces during election periods and its broader commitment to upholding the integrity of democratic processes worldwide.

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