Meta Plans ChatGPT Integration for WhatsApp and Instagram

Web DeskOctober 1, 2023
Meta Plans ChatGPT Integration for WhatsApp and Instagram

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has unveiled plans to launch artificial intelligence-driven persona chatbots across its platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. These chatbots will allow users to interact with 28 chatbots that take on characters played by celebrities, who have agreed to have their voice and likeness used in the feature. For instance, chef Roy Choi voices a sous chef called Max who can generate recipes from a list of ingredients entered into the system, and US rapper Snoop Dogg plays a Dungeon Master who guides users through a text-based adventure.

This move is part of Meta’s efforts to drive engagement on its platforms and enhance user experiences. The company aims to make interactions on its platforms more entertaining and helpful, going beyond just answering user queries. The AI assistant and persona chatbots will launch in beta mode in the US, with plans for several more to roll out over the next few weeks, covering various interests such as gaming, philosophy, and fashion.

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Additionally, Meta announced that developers will have the ability to create their own AI assistants for use on the company’s messaging platforms. This feature is expected to launch in the coming year, allowing non-coders to create their own bots. Meta’s push into generative AI comes as the technology has seen significant growth, with companies like Microsoft-backed OpenAI launching products like ChatGPT.

These announcements were made during Meta’s Connect developer conference as the company looks to innovate and revitalize its platforms. After a period of cost-cutting and a renewed focus on AI, Meta’s share price has rebounded significantly.

In addition to its AI-related news, Meta also revealed details about its latest headset, the Quest 3, which combines virtual and augmented reality in a mixed-reality experience. The Quest 3 will be available for $499.99 and is set to launch next month, aiming to compete with other mixed-reality headsets in the market.

Despite these new initiatives, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg emphasized the company’s continued commitment to the metaverse, where people interact in virtual environments. He envisions a future where holograms and digital entities coexist with physical objects, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds. However, Meta is taking a cautious approach to rolling out these features, addressing concerns over privacy and safety.

Overall, Meta’s announcements at the Connect conference reflect the company’s determination to stay at the forefront of technological innovation and provide users with more engaging and immersive experiences across its platforms.

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