Mexican Ufologist Presents Non-Human Mummies, Claims Alien DNA

Web DeskSeptember 14, 2023
Mexican Ufologist Presents Non-Human Mummies, Claims Alien DNA

Mexican TV presenter and self-proclaimed ufologist, Jaime Maussan, recently presented what he claimed to be the remains of ‘non-human’ mummies to Mexican senators.

These fossilized bodies, which Maussan claimed were non-human, were showcased in glass boxes in Mexico City. He further asserted that DNA testing on the bodies revealed they had DNA not of Earth origin.

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According to Maussan, these alien-like corpses were discovered in Cusco, Peru, and are believed to be approximately 1,000 years old. Carbon testing on the bodies was reportedly conducted by a team at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

However, it’s important to note that these claims have not been scientifically substantiated, and Jaime Maussan has a history of making claims related to extraterrestrial discoveries that have later been debunked or found to lack credible evidence. While the presentation of such findings may capture global attention and spark debates about the existence of aliens, the scientific community typically requires rigorous evidence and peer-reviewed research to accept such claims.

Until independent and comprehensive scientific investigations are conducted, the status of these alleged mummies and their DNA remains a topic of speculation and skepticism.

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