Microsoft’s Copilot: ChatGPT Now Available on Android Phones

Web DeskDecember 27, 2023
Microsoft's Copilot: ChatGPT Now Available on Android Phones

Microsoft’s AI innovation continues with the launch of Copilot, a cutting-edge AI chatbot powered by GPT technology. The launch of the standalone Copilot app on the Android platform marks a significant stride, now available for download through the Google Play Store.

Unlike many other AI chatbots, Copilot’s widespread availability across diverse regions on Android brings its functionalities to a broader audience. Neowin reported its extensive reach, contrasting it with the limited availability of other similar chatbots like Inflection’s Pi.

The Copilot app for Android closely aligns with the successful features seen in ChatGPT. Users can experience familiar chatbot interactions, leverage the DALL-E 3 image generator, and swiftly compose documents and emails—all capabilities previously accessible through paid services on ChatGPT. Additionally, Copilot introduces integration with the highly anticipated GPT-4 model, enhancing its functionalities further.

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Initially introduced as Bing Chat within Microsoft’s Bing search engine, Copilot has now transitioned into a more autonomous entity. With its rebranding and availability as a standalone app, accessible through its dedicated website,, it follows a similar standalone approach akin to ChatGPT.

The move to expand Copilot’s reach into the mobile app sphere emerges as a strategic step. This evolution follows the recent rebranding of Bing Chat Enterprise to Copilot. Although an iOS version remains pending, Apple users can still access Copilot’s current suite of features through the Bing app on their devices.

As Copilot paves its way into the Android market, the anticipation for its future advancements and potential expansion to other platforms remains high.

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