Millennials and Gen-Z Outperform Boomers in Pakistani Intelligence

Web DeskSeptember 20, 2023
Millennials and Gen-Z Outperform Boomers in Pakistani Intelligence

A recent survey conducted by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan has unveiled intriguing insights into generational disparities within the country.

When asked to assess the behavior of the new generation in comparison to the old, a majority of Pakistanis expressed the belief that today’s youth are more rebellious and intelligent.

Regarding disobedience, participants were questioned: “Do you think the new generation is more disobedient than the one before?” A significant 71 percent of respondents concurred with this statement, while 27 percent disagreed. A small 2 percent were unsure or chose not to respond.

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However, the younger generation received a more positive assessment when it came to intelligence. Another survey revealed that 4 out of 5 Pakistanis believe that the new generation is more intelligent than the previous one.

The survey findings showed that 83 percent of individuals believe that the younger generation possesses greater intelligence compared to the previous generation, with 15 percent in disagreement. Three percent were unsure or did not provide a response.

In summary, while today’s youth may be perceived as somewhat more rebellious, they are also acknowledged for their intelligence.


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