Minister Ensures Sufficient Fertilizer Supply for Upcoming Rabi Season

Web DeskSeptember 13, 2023
Minister Ensures Sufficient Fertilizer Supply for Upcoming Rabi Season

During a meeting of the Fertilizer Review Committee at the Ministry of Industries & Productions, Federal Minister for Commerce, Industries & Production Dr. Gohar Ejaz confirmed that there is no shortage of fertilizer in Pakistan for the upcoming Rabi crop.

The meeting, attended by key stakeholders including the Federal Secretary for Industries and leading fertilizer manufacturers, provided important insights.

Dr. Ejaz announced that a substantial stockpile of 3.3 million tons of fertilizer is available for the upcoming Rabi season. This ample supply is expected to effectively meet the agricultural requirements throughout the season, ensuring that farmers have the necessary resources to enhance their crop yields.

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Furthermore, the minister assured that gas supply to the fertilizer industry would be maintained at full capacity, ensuring uninterrupted production. He also emphasized the government’s commitment to making fertilizers accessible to farmers at the Manufacturer’s Recommended Price (MRP), shielding them from the burden of escalating fertilizer costs.

In a firm stance, the minister warned that stringent measures would be taken against any individuals or entities found engaging in the sale of fertilizer at excessively high prices.

Dr. Ejaz concluded the meeting by reaffirming his dedication to addressing the issue of uninterrupted gas supply to the fertilizer industry, which will be discussed in the upcoming cabinet meeting. This commitment reflects the government’s efforts to support the agricultural sector and ensure food security in the country.

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