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Minister of Industries Pledges to Boost Livestock Exports from Pakistan

Minister of Industries Pledges to Boost Livestock Exports from Pakistan

Federal Minister of Industries and Production and National Food Security, Rana Tanveer Hussain, emphasized the government’s commitment to boosting the export of livestock from Pakistan, noting that this sector contributes approximately 62 percent of the agricultural GDP. Speaking at a briefing on the livestock sector, Minister Hussain underscored the sector’s significance in Pakistan’s agricultural economy, with around 8 million families involved in it. He highlighted the immense potential for earning foreign exchange from the livestock sector.

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Pakistan ranks as the fourth largest milk-producing country globally, and Minister Hussain stressed the importance of meeting the nation’s meat and milk requirements. He mentioned the government’s dedication to agricultural sector development and its specific focus on increasing livestock exports. Notably, Minister Hussain mentioned the drafting of a bill aimed at regulating veterinary sciences and animal welfare, which is set to be presented to the cabinet for approval—a historic first for Pakistan.

The minister also highlighted ongoing efforts to protect livestock from diseases, emphasizing the need to strengthen surveillance systems. He emphasized the importance of real-time data collection on animal diseases and the development of a track-and-trace system to monitor animal movement.

During the briefing, Commissioner Livestock Dr. Akram provided insights into the challenges facing the livestock sector and the department’s operations. Federal Secretary Food Security Capt (r) Muhammad Asif was also in attendance.