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Miss Universe Journey: From Lost to Threatened

Miss Universe Journey: From Lost to Threatened

Erica Robin, at just 25, has become a symbol of empowerment as the first-ever Miss Universe Pakistan. However, her journey to this achievement was far from easy, marked by challenges, trolls, and setbacks.

Initially unaware of the inner workings of the Miss Universe contest, Erica took a leap of faith and submitted her profile. To her surprise, she was shortlisted and eventually crowned Miss Universe Pakistan after a rigorous selection process. Despite her joy, she faced relentless trolling and threats online.

Financially unsupported by the government or the fashion industry, Erica had to fund her own training for the competition. She struggled with walking and talking in front of the camera during training, facing harsh criticism. Additionally, just days before her departure for El Salvador, she encountered visa issues that threatened to derail her journey.

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With determination and support from the Philippines government, Erica overcame these obstacles and made it to the competition in El Salvador. Despite her initial exhaustion and fears, she successfully navigated the challenges of the pageant, emphasizing the importance of discipline and punctuality.

Participating in the competition allowed Erica to challenge stereotypes about Pakistan and showcase her country positively on a global platform. She hopes her experience will pave the way for future candidates and urges the government to provide support to aspiring contestants.

Erica is proud to use her platform to advocate against gender bias and promote feminism. The recognition she has gained has prompted her to be more thoughtful in her actions and words, knowing that people look up to her.

Despite her young age, Erica’s journey has already made a significant impact, and she remains committed to empowering women and breaking barriers in the years to come.