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Momina Iqbal Condemns Misleading Narrative Regarding Cricketer Messages

Momina Iqbal Condemns Misleading Narrative Regarding Cricketer Messages

Pakistani actress Momina Iqbal has expressed her frustration over the negative portrayal of her recent comments about receiving messages from cricketers on social media. Taking to her Instagram story, she criticized those who have twisted her words for attention, denouncing the dissemination of “false things” and clarifying that she never made any derogatory remarks about any cricketer. Asserting her capability to handle any situation herself, she underscored her displeasure at the exploitation of controversies to garner views, particularly targeting individuals who seek attention for their channels through negativity.

In her message, the Ehd-e-Wafa actress stressed the significance of mutual respect and unity among individuals, highlighting the importance of fostering positivity for the nation’s well-being. Expressing dismay at the trend of spreading negativity without cause, she called out those who prioritize sensationalism over constructive discourse, urging her followers to redirect their attention to more pressing matters.

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Momina Iqbal drew attention to the recent tragic incident involving the death of Maryam Bibi, a passenger of the Millat Express, urging everyone to channel their energy towards advocating for justice and addressing significant societal issues. Encouraging her audience to refrain from unnecessary disputes, she emphasized the need for solidarity in addressing real challenges faced by the community.

Responding to a recent interview question by Wasi Shah regarding messages from cricketers, Momina clarified that such interactions are commonplace due to their shared presence in the entertainment industry. She noted that these messages typically consist of well-wishes and greetings, without recalling specific details about the cricketers involved. Through her statements, Momina Iqbal aims to dispel misconceptions and redirect the focus towards constructive dialogue and meaningful engagement on issues of substance.