More than 1000 Israelis killed and 2500 injured in Hamas Attacks

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Reports indicate that a tragic situation has unfolded in the Middle East as a result of recent events. Over 1,000 Israeli citizens have lost their lives, with more than 2,200 others suffering injuries following the initiation of “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood” by the Palestinian group Hamas.

On the Palestinian side, foreign media sources have reported the loss of 413 lives due to ongoing Israeli airstrikes.

Hamas launched a significant offensive on Saturday, firing around 5,000 rockets from Gaza into Israel and orchestrating armed infiltrations into parts of southern Israel. Tragically, this confrontation has claimed the life of a senior Israeli army colonel, Jonathan Steinberg.

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Hamas has also claimed the capture of multiple individuals, including Major General Nimrod Aluni, a high-ranking Israeli commander. They have asserted that they fired over 7,000 rockets towards Israel.

According to international media outlets, the toll on the Palestinian side is deeply distressing, with 413 lives lost and more than 1,700 people sustaining injuries.

In addition to the human toll, there have been reports of significant structural damage, including the demolition of the Palestinian Ministry of Interior building by the Israeli Air Force.

This escalating conflict has left the Israeli population in a state of shock and distress, with many seeking refuge in bomb shelters. In response to these events, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared war on Palestine, characterizing Hamas’s actions as a grave mistake.

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