Most of UAE residents are pleased with the visa application process.

Web DeskJuly 14, 2023
Most of UAE residents are pleased with the visa application process.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) ranked 11th out of 53 destinations in the InterNations Expat Insider 2023 Survey, demonstrating the country’s high degree of contentment among expats.

According to Arabian Business, the extensive assessment revealed the UAE’s extraordinary strengths in a variety of areas, propelling it to the top five in three key categories.

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The UAE came in second place in the Expat Essentials Index, barely behind Bahrain. Even for those who do not speak the native language, expats commended the country for its convenience and friendliness. They were also quite pleased with administrative concerns.

A surprising 80% of respondents regarded obtaining a visa in the UAE to be simple, above the global average of 57 percent.

The UAE came in fourth place in the Quality-of-Life Index. Expats praised the varied choice of recreational activities, such as the culinary scene and dynamic nightlife, which received favorable ratings of 84 percent and 76%, respectively.

Furthermore, the country excelled in automotive infrastructure, with 93 percent of expats reporting satisfaction in this regard.

It also did well in the Working Abroad Index, finishing fourth overall. It was second only to the United States (US) in the Career Prospects Subcategory.

Expats were pleased with their job prospects and agreed that migrating to the UAE had improved their chances.

Work-life balance, on the other hand, emerged as a source of concern for expats in the country, with only 57 percent viewing it favourably, slightly lower than the global average of 63 percent.

Likewise, onSurprisingly, half of the expats reported a yearly income of less than $25,000, compared to the global average of 33%, contributing to the UAE’s 41st position in the Personal Finance Index.

Despite these obstacles, the UAE achieved positive scores in the Safety & Security and Healthcare category, placing ninth and tenth, respectively.

Considering their sector, qualifications, and job, 55 percent of respondents felt well rewarded for their employment.

Expats lauded the country’s political stability, personal safety, and availability to high-quality healthcare.

Expats in the UAE were content with their life at 68 percent, which was slightly lower than the global average of 72 percent.



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