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Mother Allegedly Murders Daughter for ‘Honour’ in Sialkot

Mother Allegedly Murders Daughter for 'Honour' in Sialkot

In Sialkot, a woman has been arrested for the murder of her daughter, who had married a man of her choice. The tragic incident took place within the jurisdiction of Muradpur Police Station, where the mother allegedly killed her daughter after she eloped to marry the man she loved.

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The victim, who was already married, had previously left her home, prompting her family to file a kidnapping case against her. However, upon her return, tensions escalated due to her misleading statements in court, which reportedly angered her family.

Subsequently, the mother is accused of committing the heinous act against her daughter. Authorities have initiated legal proceedings by registering a case against the suspect and have taken her into custody. Investigations are underway, with initial evidence being gathered to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident.